War Memorial, Reddish (south).

War Memorial, Reddish (south).


On Reddish Road, Reddish, originally in Lancashire, it became part of Stockport (Cheshire) in 1901.


A stone column. Metal letters fixed to the column spell out the names of those of South Reddish who fell in the first world war.


Pro Patria.
Erected by public subscription in grateful memory of
all in South Reddish who gave their lives
for their country in the Great War.
1914 - 1918

A ALLMAN, 2nd Manchester Reg't
W FODEN, 2nd Manchester Reg't
A E REDSTON, 2nd Manchester Reg't
J WYCHE, 2nd Manchester Reg't
W H WORRALL, 4th Manchester Reg't
B C S ARSTALL, 5th Manchester Reg't
H MADDOCKS, 8th Manchester Reg't
E HARGREAVES, 9th Manchester Reg't
S OLDHAM, 9th Manchester Reg't
D STAFFORD, 9th Manchester Reg't
W DOLAN, 11th Manchester Reg't
T R WILSON, Tank Corps
I ELLISON, Machine Gun Corps
R WOOLFENDEN, Royal Fusiliers
W HINDLEY, Royal Warwickshire Reg't
G KNIVETON, Kings Shropshire L't Inf'y
E SYKES, Kings Own Yorks L't Inf'y
J TAYLOR, Royal Garrison Art'y
E R WILLIAMS, Royal Garrison Art'y
W HARRISON, Kings Own Scottish B'rs
J W HADFIELD, South Wales B'rs
T JODDRELL, Royal Marine Lab Co
T POTTS, 1st Manchester Reg
W MORLEY, Royal Scots Fusiliers
J E FIRTH, 1st Cheshire Reg't
F ROWLEY, 1st Cheshire Reg't
A SMITH, 2nd Cheshire Reg't
G M COLCIN, 2nd Cheshire Reg't
E BAILEY, 6th Cheshire Reg't
J COY, 6th Cheshire Reg't
H DAILEY, 6th Cheshire Reg't
G DEAN, 6th Cheshire Reg't
F GREENHALGH, 6th Cheshire Reg't
J McCOLGIN, 6th Cheshire Reg't
W H UNWIN, 6th Cheshire Reg't
E CHEETHAM, 8th Cheshire Reg't
W CURRIE, 9th Cheshire Reg't
E LAMBERT, 9th Cheshire Reg't
E MAYNARD, 9th Cheshire Reg't
G T WOOD, 10th Cheshire Reg't
A KELSALL, 11th Cheshire Reg't
J ROWBOTHAM, 11th Cheshire Reg't
G SIMS, 11th Cheshire Reg't
W THORNLEY, 11th Cheshire Reg't
G HOLLAND, 12th Cheshire Reg't
J BATH, 15th Cheshire Reg't
J POTTS, 8th Cheshire Reg't
F FLEET, Royal Scots Fusiliers
W COCKER, 1st Cheshire Reg't
S HOOLE, 1st Cheshire Reg't
A GAMBLE, 2nd Cheshire Reg't
S FINDLOW, 6th Cheshire Reg't
U LOVERY, 6th Cheshire Reg't
H WEBSTER, 9th Cheshire Reg't
J DOLAN, 14th Cheshire Reg't
T DOLAN, 14th Cheshire Reg't
I BURTON, Labour Corps
W WRIGHT, Grenadier Guards
N ROBERTS, Hood Batt' RN
A E ALLEN, 15th Royal Scots
C EITKEN, 2nd Royal Scots
H CASTLE, Royal Scots Fusiliers
A O'NEILL, Australian Infantry
A TURNER, 19th Kings Liverpool
A LADLEY, Royal Field Artillery
A E T BARRATT, Royal Field Artillery
C O'DONELL, Royal Field Artillery
V HIBBERT, Northumberland Fusiliers
W H NURSE, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ted LAMBERT, 2nd York & Lancs Reg't
J POTTS, K O R Lancs Regt
J H PERKINN, 10th Gloucester Regt
E BATH, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
J T DAEN, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
S MOSS, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
T PARKINSON, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
H RENSHAW, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
J FLITCROFT, King's O Royal Lancs
H HOOLE, King's O Royal Lancs
J W OLDHAM, King's O Royal Lancs
T LEGERTON, King's O Royal Lancs
A HOLLAND, Royal Welsh Reg't
P ROWLEY, Royal Welsh Reg't
R C GREENWOOD, 2nd Welsh Reg't
J ALLEN, Rifle Brigade
A VICKERS, Rifle Brigade
N VICKERS, King's Royal Rifles
T HUGHES, Seaforth Highlanders
J DALEY, South Lancs Reg't
W H SUART, South Lancs Reg't
WALTER WATKIN, South Lancs Reg't
J H CLEESON, Loyal North Lancs
W H BOWERS, 8th Cheshire Reg't

War Memorial, Reddish (south).

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