1985 Airliner Fire, Manchester International Airport.

Memorial Garden, Manchester International Airport. 459


Manchester International Airport, in the memorial garden alongside Terminal 1.


A newly (2005) planted tree together with a small memorial plaque.


This tree was planted in memory of
the 53 passengers and 2 stewardesses
who tragically lost their lives in the
British Airtours Boeing 737 disaster
on 22 August 1985

You will be remembered
by your loved ones and fellow passengers

In Life       At Peace       In Love


Those who lost their lives are not named on the memorial, however they were:

Air Stewardess Sharon Kathleen FORD, of Chesterfield
Air Stewardess Jacqueline Mary URBANSKI, of Rochdale

Maurice ALLMARK, of St Helens
Brenda Marie ALLMARK, of St Helens
Steven ALLMARK, age 11, of St Helens
John Melville BARKER, of Buckinghamshire
Linda BARKER, of Buckinghamshire
Lisa BARKER, age 22 months, of Buckinghamshire
Rebecca Michelle BATES, age 9, of Wetherby
Raymond Alexander BEAL, of Sale
Vera Evelyn BEAL, of Sale
Susan Pamela BEAL, age 16, of Sale
Sarah BECKETT, of Sheffield
Thomas William BENNETT, of Sheffield
Sarah Ann BENNETT, of Sheffield
Barry BENNETT, of Sheffield
Mavis BENNETT, of Sheffield
David George BENNISON, of Warrington
Christopher Brendan BRANNIGAN, of Preston
Ann Sheila BRANNIGAN, of Preston
Constance Mary BUXTON, of Bolton
Philip CURBISHLEY, of Altrincham
Elaine DUMBELL, of Liverpool
David Alwyn EDWARDS, of Denbigh
Meryl Lloyd EDWARDS, of Ruthin
Barbara ELLIOTT, of Heswall
Paul FORRESTER, of Stoke-on-Trent
Mary Carol HARDIE, of Blackpool
Marjorie Virginia Christine HUTCHINSON, of Mirfield
Alison Janet JONES, of Islip, Oxford
Yvonne Yvette LANE, of Dumfries
Rita LAWRENCE, of Sheffield
Joanne Louise LAWRENCE, age 15, of Sheffield
Anne Cordelia LEE, of Sheffield
Brian LEITCH, of Dumfries
Margaret Lynn NADEN, of Liverpool
Norman NIND, of Worcestershire
Joan NIND, of Worcestershire
Leslie OLIVER, of Spital
Joyce OLIVER, of Spital
Julie Ann O'NEILL, of Altrincham
John George PROCTOR, of Blackpool
Christine Amanda REDDING, of Stoke-on-Trent
David SHAW, of Sheffield
Patricia Mary SHAW, of Sheffield
Albert Edward STRINGER, of Stalybridge
Eileen Lillian STRINGER, of Stalybridge
Norman Muriel SWINBURN, of Timperley
Michael Gowan SWINBURN, of Timperley
Harold Ernest TAYLOR, of Dundee
Brian James TAYLOR, of Wigan
Sheila TAYLOR, of Wigan
Graham Henry WILSON, of Eccles

A British Airtours Boeing 737 with 131 passengers and 6 crew was taking off from Manchester Airport on a charter flight to Corfu. As the aircraft approached take-off speed an engine disintegrated rupturing a fuel tank and starting a fire. The crew brought the aircraft to a halt and start an emergency evacuation. Eighty-two of those on board managed to escape. Fifty-five were killed by the fire or its effects.

As the aircraft slowed the crew steered it to take a runway exit. This put the fire upwind of the fusalage. Thus the wind blew flames towards the passengers. The enquiry noted that had this not happened then passengers would have had more time to escape.

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