Roll of Honour, St Mark's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.

Roll of Honour, St Mark's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.


On a wall in St Mark's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.


A Roll of Honour on parchment in a wooden frame. It lists the men of St Mark's Men's Class who served in the first world war. Those who fell are indicated with an "X".




James AIREY Royal Flying Corps
Bertie ASHWORTH 9th Manchester Regt
Albert AXFORD 5th Manchester Regt
William ALLMAN 6th Lancashire Fusiliers
William BEARD 15th Batt'n Australian Forces
Albert BAILEY 9th Manchester Regt
Sydney BENSON 3rd Manchester Regt
Fred BROADBENT 6th Cheshire Regt
Geo BROCKLEHURST 9th Manchester Regt
James BENYON 9th Manchester Regt
Percy BENTLEY 1st Cheshire Regt
Harold BILSBURY 9th Manchester Regt
Joseph CHADDERTON 9th Manchester Regt
Sydney COPE Royal A Med Corps
XWalter COWSILL Royal Field Art'y
Ernest CROWTHER 9th Manchester Regt
Walter CLARKE 21st Cheshire Regt
Raymond COOPER Merchant Navy
Harold C DRURY 51st South Wales Borderers
Herbert DAWSON 9th Manchester Regt
Henry DRURY 6th Cheshire Regt
Geo DUNBEVAND 9th Manchester Regt
XGeo DAWSON King's Royal Rifles
Frank DUNBEVAN 7th Cheshire Regt
Walter EASTWOOD 9th Manchester Regt
Percy EVERY 47th Cheshire Regt
John FERGUSON Royal Welsh Fusiliers
XCornelius FINCH 9th Manchester Regt
George H FITTON Royal Garrison Arty
Thomas FOULKES 3rd Cheshire Regt
XHerbert GARSIDE 13th Cheshire Regt
William GARLICK 9th Manchester Regt
Hy GREENHALGH 9th Manchester Regt
Gilbert GREENHALGH 5th Royal Welsh F's'lrs
Harold GREENHALGH 3rd Cheshire Regt
William HAGUE Royal Engineers
Ralph HALL Royal Field Artillery
Ralph D HALL 9th Manchester Regt
S HAMPSON 9th Manchester Regt
John HARROP 9th Manchester Regt
Robt HARTLEY 9th Manchester Regt
Wm HARWOOD 9th Manchester Regt
XFred HANSON 9th Manchester Regt
Geo HAYWARD Army Service Corps
James HILL 9th Manchester Regt
John HILL 9th Manchester Regt
Wilfred HILL 9th Manchester Regt
Thos HOBSON 12th Cheshire Regt
Wm HOBSON Royal A Cycle Corps
James HOLMES 7th East Lancs Regt
Edward HARROP 8th Manchester Regt
James HOLT 9th Manchester Regt
Henry HILTON King's Own Lancs Regt
Frank JOHNSON 2nd Cheshire Regt
XJohn JUBB 9th Manchester Regt
Fred JOHNSON 4th Loyal Nth Lancashire Rgt
Harold JOHNSON Army Service Corps
Henry KIRK 3rd Cheshire Regt
Harry KIRK 4th South Lancs Regt
Samuel LEECH 10th Manchester Regt
XWm LEECH 9th Manchester Regt
XHarold LOYNDS 19th Man Service Bn
Oscar LEE 1st Herefordshire Regt
Henry LINDLEY Royal Artillery
Frank MADELEY 9th Manchester Regt
Tom MORTON Royal Field Art'y
Harold MORLEY 1st Royal Dragoons
Robert J MORLEY 74th Canadian Inf'try
Walter NEWTON 12th Kings Liverpool Regt
Joseph OLDHAM Royal Garr Arty
William POTTS 196th Machine Gun Corps
Stanley PARSONAGE Royal Field Arty
George PRESTON 23rd Manchester Service Battn
XWm PARKER 6th Cheshire Regt
Harold PARKEY 25th Battn Manchester Regt
XJohn PRICE 4th South Lancashire Regt
John RICHARDSON Royal Army Medl Corps
Ratcliffe RATCLIFFE 9th Manchester Regt
Charles RUFFLEY 6th Cheshire Regt
Augustus A REEVES Royal Army Medical Corps
James B RUFFLEY Army Service Corps
Fred SCRAMBLER 9th Manchester Regt
Chas E SEDDON King's Liverpool Regt
XErnest SALTER 6th Cheshire Regt
XWalter SALTER 9th Manchester Regt
John SANKEY 9th Manchester Regt
Walter SAXON Royal Garr Arty
XFrank SLATER 9th Manchester Regt
Fred SMITH R A Medical Corps
Harry SMITH 9th Manchester Regt
Robt STANSFIELD 17th Lancs Fusiliers
Nathan STANSFIELD 18th Lancs Fusiliers
Albert SELBY Royal Garrison Arty
XG H SLATER 9th Manchester Regt
Alvin SUMNER 9th Manchester Regt
Harry SUMNER 9th Manchester Regt
Samuel SELBY 5th Cheshire Regt
Edward E SHAW Royal Garrison Arty
Clifford F SKITT Army Service Corps
Samuel SMITH 8th Essex Regiment
William TEMPEST 9th Manchester Regt
Geo H THORNLEY 9th Manchester Regt
John THORNTON 9th Manchester Regt
Daniel THORPE 9th Manchester Regt
T W UNDERWOOD 6th Cheshire Regt
Thomas WHITELEY 1st Monmouthshire Regt
William WALKER 23rd King's Liverpool Regt
XJohn P WILD 9th Cheshire Regt
Alfd WAGSTAFFE 9th Manchester Regt
Wm WALKER 9th Manchester Regt
XFrank C WHITEHEAD 3rd Cheshire Regt
Ralph WHITEHEAD 9th Manchester Regt
Norman WHITTAKER 9th Manchester Regt
Frank WOOD 12th Manchester Regt
Walter WOOD Royal Flying Corps
Wright WOOD 19th M/cr Service Corps
F Stanley WHITTAKER 51st Cheshire Regt
William WILLIAMS 3rd Cheshire Regt
Arthur BROOMHEAD Royal Engineers
Sydney BROOMHEAD Royal Army Med'l Corps
John HOLLAND 51st Cheshire Regt
John H RIMMER Royal Engineers
William H BARLOW Royal Navy
Clifford PARKER Royal Air Force

Those Members marked with an X laid down their lives in the service of their King and Country



Roll of Honour in St Mark's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.

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