Greenway Cross, Higher Sutton, Cheshire.

Greenway Cross, Higher Sutton, Cheshire.


At a lonely spot on Greenway Lane, Higher Sutton, Cheshire, with long-distance views over the Cheshire Plain.

(Greenway Lane is shown, but not named, on the current Street Atlas of Cheshire. The Lane starts just south of the Hanging Gate, a pub and good place to eat, and heads in the direction of Wildboarclough.)


An rough hewn upright column of stone with a cross carved near the top.

Greenway Cross, Higher Sutton, Cheshire.


We cannot be certain, but looks as though the Greenway Cross has had a long and varied history.

It may have been erected in prehistoric times as a way-mark on a long distance trail.

On the coming of Christianity it had a crosses carved into two sides.

During the great plagues of the 17th century it will almost certainly have been used as a plague stone, where goods were left so that the buyers and sellers from different villages need not come into contact with each-other.

Later, the Victorians? added an Ordnance Survey benchmark. Old maps show this to mark 1,250 feet above sea level.

Greenway Cross, Higher Sutton, Cheshire.

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