About Carl's Cam

Hello, I'm Carl Rogerson, I live in Hyde, Cheshire. My web site shows photos of Cheshire, and just a bit into the nearby counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

If you would you like a photo added to the site, send me an email. If the place is nearby, still exists, and I have time, your wish will be granted. There is no harm in asking. Please also let me know if you spot an error or omission, particularly a war memorial I have missed.

You are welcome to use a few photos from this web site for your own personal use.

The site uses "frames" (sub-windows for menus and picture pages). For this reason you have to be careful when bookmarking the site. It is best to bookmark the home page - www.carlscam.com - other links may work, but are not guaranteed long term.

In 1999 someone in Texas (hi Judy) wanted to see what her childhood home now looks like. It is still standing and near me, so I took a photograph and put it here. Then someone in Australia (hi David) wanted to see where his ancestors had lived, so I added another photograph. That is how this web site started and grew.

In the year 2000 my parents, in their mid nineties, were keen on days out. Searching for war memorials was a good excuse to stick their noses into the nooks and crannies of their native county. That is how we started to record Cheshire's war memorials.

The site is used by genealogists, so I included an index to all the names shown on the memorials and graves. For each individual the index shows: SURNAME, First Names (or initials), year of death (note 1), location (note 2), and a link to the relevant memorial.

  1. To save space 1914 - 1918 is shown as c1916 (circa 1916), and 1939 - 1945 as c1942. For someone who was still alive, the date when the memorial was erected is shown followed by a +. For example someone shown on a memorial erected in 1920 as having served but not died in WW1 is dated 1920+.
  2. Place, usually the location of the memorial but occasionally somewhere else associated with that person (click to find which). For example Taisia KURITZINA is shown as being from Archangel, Russia, that is shown on her grave, but clicking on the entry takes you to Taxal, Cheshire, the location of the grave.

Enjoy the site.

Carl's Cam